Adobe Flash Lite 2.1

Compact version of the brand's tool for developing in Flash

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    Retouching & Optimization

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    Windows XP

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    5.4 (63)

Adobe Flash Lite is a Windows mobile device add-on that allows users to view Flash content in either a windowed or a framed mode.

Despite the public opinion of Flash, it is still an integral part of the web. Without a way to view Flash videos on Windows devices, certain content cannot be watched, and the user experience ultimately takes a plummet. Because web developers and designers keep creating Flash content, it is important that even mobile users have a way to view it.

Using Adobe Flash Lite, users can explore the file directories of their Windows phones, and locate SWF files for playing. Once a SWF file is loaded into the player, the user can play, pause, stop, and rewind the video content via a menu that lines the side of the player. With Adobe Flash Lite installed on your Windows mobile device, there is no need to download or use extra software to handle the Flash content. Even though there are many practical uses for Adobe Flash Lite, the interface can be a bit confusing. Perhaps the next update to Adobe Flash Lite will include a more simple and intuitive user interface so that Flash content can be watched on the go.

Many Windows mobile devices cannot view or access Flash content, and in this case, Adobe Flash Lite would be a handy tool to have on hand. Make sure you grab this add-on for your Windows mobile device in order to enjoy all of the rich Flash content that can be found online.


  • Users can use Adobe Flash Lite to watch Flash content on their mobile Windows devices without needing any extra software.
  • Standard controls are included to make watching videos easy.


  • The interface can be confusing and hard to navigate at times.

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